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Investment Beliefs

We believe that there are no borders when searching for attractively valued investment opportunities. We have developed a robust global investment opportunity evaluation framework to reflect this. Our belief is that valuations are the best predictor of investment performance over the medium term to long term.

At Sequoia Capital we believe that no single manager outperforms over all periods and in all market conditions. Different managers have different investment styles and alpha sources, which are relatively successful in different periods and different markets conditions and environments. We manage solutions on a multi-management basis.  By constructing and managing solutions on a multi-manager approach we can improve the certainty of portfolio outcomes over the target investment horizon. 

Multi-Management adds value over the long term by providing consistent average returns at lower levels of risk, aided by:

  • Active asset allocation

  • A robust investment-strategy evaluation framework

  • A robust manager selection process 





Institutional portfolio management for retirement funds and corporate institutional assets.




These portfolios conform to our traditional portfolio management framework, they provide additional unique applications.

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