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Why use a DFM

We appreciate that devoting sufficient time to your clients’ investments, both at the initial recommendation stage and in the ongoing monitoring of portfolios, is becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming. Investment advice can be complex and a portfolio of great investments is not necessarily the same as a great portfolio. There is a plethora of funds to choose from in the marketplace, as well as more complex investments which may not be available to the retail market. Research takes time and an extensive amount of resource. Working with a discretionary fund manager (DFM) can be an ideal solution for advisers who are looking to outsource the day-to-day asset allocation and fund selection decisions, allowing more time to focus on your clients’ financial planning requirements. 


Model Portfolio Solutions

This service is for advisers looking to outsource discretionary investment management in a platform environment. Our model portfolio service enables you, the financial adviser, to maintain full control of your client relationship whilst outsourcing the discretionary fund management to us.

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Reporting Solution

Our reporting solution consists of portfolio reporting and consolidated client reporting. Elevate your advice practice from the rest of the competition. We consolidate your clients statements across various investment platforms.

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