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Our DFM Services

Our reporting solution forms part of our overall DFM Service Model. The relationship between the DFM, adviser, and client is of paramount importance in understanding the needs of the client. We recognise that one size does not fit all. We will work with you to understand your client book and advice practice.

Our Reporting Solution

Our reporting solution consists of portfolio reporting and consolidated client reporting. 

Elevate your advice practice from the rest of the competition. We consolidate your clients statements across various investment platforms.

The following features can be accessed via our online client reporting portal:

  • The consolidated client statements.

  • The statement are branded for your practice.

  • Statement can be bulk forwarded to your clients.

Through our portfolio reporting we empower advisors with information, market research, analysis and feedback on our portfolios.

The following features can be accessed via our online portfolio reporting portal:

  • Portfolio factsheets and market review.

  • Quarterly market commentary and research.

  • Quarterly portfolio reports and X-Rays.

  • Asset allocation positioning.

  • Manager analysis.

Contact us for assistance with your reporting.
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