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Sequoia Global Balanced Portfolio
Who should invest

The portfolio is suited for investors:

  • Which want to invest in US Dollars outside South Africa;

  • With a time horizon of five (5) years to invest;

  • Seeking to sustain medium to long-term capital growth;

  • With a high risk profile.

ASISA Category
Global Multi Asset High Equity
ASISA Global Multi Asset High Equity Category Average
Platform Availability
INN8, Allan Gray, Momentum Wealth International
Model Portfolio
Why the Sequoia Global Balanced Portfolio

The portfolio is researched, constructed and managed by a discretionary manager with a skilled team.

The portfolio is not Regulation 28 compliant for investors.

The portfolio has multiple levels of diversification by using various managers, exposures to various investment styles and asset classes.

The portfolio has a maximum 75% total equity exposure and may invest 100% offshore.

The portfolio are managed within a model portfolio structure. A model portfolio is a portfolio consisting of a number of underlying investments wrapped into a single product. Model portfolios are not legal CIS (unit trust) funds of funds as the model portfolio itself is not a collective investment (unit trust) portfolio, but is simply a collection of separate collective investment portfolios and money market accounts. With a model portfolio the investor has direct ownership of the underlying investments. Model portfolios are not regulated by the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act and do not have a separate legal status. They are regulated by the same legislation that applies to Linked Investment Services Providers (LISPs), namely the Stock Exchanges Control Act and the Financial Markets Control Act. Investors should take note that any changes made within a model portfolio can trigger capital gains tax.

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